Ben Peleg | 2018 |


Surface Design

The algorithm's output - a series of colorful diagrams - serves as a non-invasive manifestation of one's lifestyle, but also carries great aesthetic value. In order to externalize this output and celebrate the individuality of each user, I chose to use these diagrams to create surface designs for my collection.

Each analysis was summarized as three diagrams, chosen by the algorithm as the ones that represent an averaged result of all the others. I used these selected diagrams to create prints with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Dominant color analysis                       Grouping average results by color                                          Final design

An additional way of creating print was through randomized geometric shapes. The algorithm can either generate a randomized pattern based on all the colors detected by the test, or for a certain color group.

Complete color scheme of a diagram

Single color group out of the diagram

Print Library

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