Ben Peleg | 2018 |


Creative Construction and Kinetic Patternmaking

For my collection, I based my construction on body movement and draped my patterns around a moving body, digitally and physically. That way, I ensured the garments are made to fulfill their true purpose - accommodating for a body in motion, as opposed to a stagnant one like traditional construction methods do.

The reasoning behind the development of kinetic patterns is double. First, as part of the hyper-personalized approach, Codice Hominum strives to meet a modern, dynamic lifestyle of its design-subjects. Manus was injected with kinetic patterns meant to be used in the system’s production process - stage 4 (Simulation) and stage 5 (Personalization).

Second, all patterns strive to be as seamless as possible and eventually narrowed down to a minimal amount of pattern pieces. Focusing on the future of fashion, the patterns are designed to be modeled digitally within Manus, and created in additive manufacturing. This way, they are bound to be made-to-measure, low-waste garments that assure a more sustainable future.





Shirt Development

Iteration 1-3 out of 5 provided. The final pattern will not be displayed.

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