Ben Peleg | 2018 |


Tell me immediately if I’m disturbing you,
He said, coming in the door,
And I will leave right away.


You not only disturb,
I answered,
You tremor my whole being.

Eeva Kilpi

He loves the urban outdoors and appreciates a good company over the location and whereabouts of the meeting. It does not matter to him if he is Brooklyn, Manhattan or Philadelphia. He observes from the outskirts. He is a wallflower, participating in life on his own accord and his own cue.


His counterpart, may it be a she or a he, is a work of art. A free spirit with a sharp mind, able to complete him, but also tackle. They are two independent souls, together out of a choice being remade every day rather than mutual dependency.


The chaos of the party is where he finds order. The tranquility of a painting is where he sees a scream.