Ben Peleg | 2018 |


Analysis Rationale

During the creation process of Manus, my goal was to facilitate the same logic I would apply to intelligence work onto the customer's lifestyle analysis, meaning creating a mosaic of a person's lifestyle by answering a series of seemingly mundane questions that together create a bigger picture - Where does my customer live? What type of activities does my customer participate in? What is my customer's daily routine?

The best way to answer such questions as accurately as possible is to get as personal as possible. Therefore, I focused my analysis on data originating in the customer's smartphone (which I refer to as the private self - not accessible to all) and the customer's social media (which I refer to as the public self - usually accessible to all). After devising a set of questions I would like to answer, I decided that the best type of data to answer those questions is images, text messages and location history.

However, when dealing with personal data, privacy becomes paramount to consider. Therefore, Manus provides the customer with complete anonymity and a non-invasive depiction of the test results, as presented in this page. Also, the system is modular, meaning it allows the customer to choose which personal data is shared and which is kept private.

After completing the analysis, the system creates a report - a consolidation of all the analysis diagrams, which are seemingly mundane seperately, but together tell a story of the customer's lifestyle.  

Report (Test Results) - Examples

Dominant colors

Leisure Activities

Frequent Localities

Hours of Activity



Warm/Cold Environment

Report Analysis - Examples

Once the report is complete, the systems derives verbal conclusions out of it that can inform the designer in the design process in addition to the designer's own analysis of the report.


Spends 78% of his/her time in cold weather areas (average of 57 degrees), with temporary stays in warm weather areas (average of 82 degrees).

The environment shows low precipitation.

High proximity to beach areas.


Spends 13% of his/her leisure time in indoors and outdoors physical activities (slightly more than average).

Spends 58% of his/her leisure time in medium-formality locations/events, and 11% in low-formality locations/events. Spotted appearances in high-formality locations/events.

48% of after hours activities take place in early-evening and evening time (5pm-10pm) and 6% in late-night time (10pm-6am).

Visits Contemporary/Better tier (82% of visits) and Bridge tier (16% of visits) apparel stores.

Attends an educational institute.


Below average saturation levels overall with spotted appearances of mixed high-saturation with very low saturation levels.

Dominant color analysis shows attraction to purple, blue and green hues.

Very low overall brightness levels.

In its next stage, Manus makes sartorial recommendations that are in line with the report’s findings and the customer’s lifestyle. These are applicable for both retail purposes (suggestions for the customer of existing garments) and design purposes (suggestions for the designer for creating new designs).

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