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Personalized Design

After the data analysis process and the creation of the report, Manus generates sartorial recommendations in line with the customer’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences that vary from the garment’s department (activewear, ready-to-wear, eveningwear, etc.) to fabric choices.

Report Recommendations

Garment Proposal #1*

Suitable for semi-formal events, early evening hours, chilly-cold weathers.

Department - Eveningwear
Garment type - Dress
Fabric - Padded lycra double-knit (matte shine).
- Navy, Black

Fit - Body-fitted

Garment Proposal #2

Garment Proposal #2

Garment Proposal #3

* proposal generated by the system based on the findings presented in the "Data Analysis" page.

Choosing Recommendations

During the data analysis process, the system flags different lifestyle aspects that require a tailor-made solution. For example, a customer that resides in an area with high levels of precipitation will benefit from water-proof fabrics. Similarly, a customer that attends formal or high-class events will benefit from more formal attire. Using this logic, the system creates several sets of recommendations, collected together as garment proposals (as presented above).

Project specifications -

Manus is adjustable to any needs of the designer or company using it. For this project, I selected several specifications and resources -

For fabrics, I based my repository on the fabrics available at the digital printing website, given their vast selection of fabrics and ability to highly customize print. Each fabric received a score on a scale of 1-10 for different lifestyle attributes analyzed by Manus.

For surface design, I decided to turn the systems diagrams into prints. Each garment's print represents the data based on which the garment was designed.

Department & Garment Type

Spends 78% of his/her time in cold weather areas (average of 57 degrees), with temporary stays in warm weather areas (average of 82 degrees).

Department - Eveningwear
Garment type - Dress

Spends 58% of his/her leisure time in medium-formality locations/events, and 11% in low-formality locations/events. Spotted appearances in high-formality locations/events.

48% of after hours activities take place in early-evening and evening time (5pm-10pm) and 6% in late-night time (10pm-6am).

Fabric's repository table scored based on the system's lifestyle analysis.

Fabric - Padded lycra double-knit (matte shine).

Color and Print

Below average saturation levels overall with spotted appearances of mixed high-saturation with very low saturation levels.

Dominant color analysis shows attraction to purple, blue and green hues.

Very low overall brightness levels.

Color - Navy, Black


The fit of the garment is derived from a body scan of the customer. Based on the system's lifestyle analysis and garment proposals, the system adjusts the pattern to fit the customer from "body-fitted" to "oversized".

Body scan measurements

Applied onto digital pattern

Final garment digital model

After the final garment in its digital form has been approved for production, it is being printed using's services. For further information about the production process, please refer to the page Garment Assembly x Technology.

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