Photography Jaime Pavon | Fashion Design & Styling Ben Peleg | Hair & Makeup Lisa Barrios & Olivia Jensen | Models Fernanda Albanesi & Chase Patton | Retoucher Karla Cevallos

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     What will future fashion be?

   I found my inspiration in the ancient times of the Renaissance, where the dynamics between technological innovation and art were at their prime and infused with a humanist approach; all of which intertwined into my thesis. Mirandola, one of the Italian’s Renaissance greatest thinkers said that “nothing which had ever interested the human mind could wholly lose its vitality,“ a saying that sparked my will to create this collection around the human body and human mind. I utilized my technological and research background as an intelligence officer in the Israeli Defense Forces to devise a system that would allow me to create fashion that addresses both the designer’s creative process and the individual’s needs.


    What is Manus?

    Manus is a new tool for designers to truly see who they are designing for. A visualized system, automated in its essence but tailored individually, which brings the luxury of personalized fit and elaborate design to market level and allows access for the masses. The system enables the designer to create and interpret inspiration more intuitively, achieving new designs that otherwise would be nearly impossible to achieve. The customer can experience endless possibilities, based on aspects of lifestyle and identity that has been thoroughly and broadly examined. This combination results in a hyper-personalized outcome that encompasses both the designer’s and the customer’s voices.

    The system was created to allow the art of fashion design to grow into the future and evolve as technology and society evolve. Therefore, Manus is based on a sustainable model that allows for a supervised production. In its production stages, the system creates a made-to-measure garment by applying a digital model of the garment onto a personal avatar, and prepares a pattern that can be produced in cut fabric or additive manufacturing. That way, it assures a garment is made only by demand to meet a complete satisfaction of the customer.

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Project Summary



The Stages of Manus


The Collection

Look Book

The final collection was built as a manifestation of the system's outcomes. It is divided into two segments - menswear and womenswear - each based on a different report created in stage 2 of Manus - Visualization.

The fabrics used in this collection mirror commonly used fabrics in the industry in order to show how the system can be implemented to be used in mass production.

The collection contains clothes that were sewn, however most garments were assembled by bonding with a Sonobond machine. This method fuses the pieces together, thus creating a much stronger attachment and eliminates the need in a seam allowance altogether.

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