Ben Peleg is a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design. Ben grew up in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and moved to New York to pursue a degree in Fashion Design.

Following a background in technology as an intelligence officer, Ben’s work focuses on implementing technology into fashion from the very early stages of design all the way through production.

His latest thesis project Codice Hominum concentrates on personalized data analysis as a tool to inform designers of their customers’ lifestyle and identity as well as achieve innovative design concepts. An additional outcome of the overarching study of human experiences lead Ben to explore how the body moves inside a garment. The study was translated into a collection of garments that accommodate for human movement in the modern dynamic lifestyle of the city.

Lately, Ben joined forces with fashion biomaker Gal Yakobovitch to form Glass House, a conscious fashion initiative promoting a new ideology for fashion manufacturing that limits both waste and high-volume consumption.


Ben Peleg | 2018 |